How do I change my IP address?

The important point here is: who assigned the .

If you think about changing your IP address, you almost always use a dynamic IP address assigned by your Internet access provider. In this case, the assignment of another address has to be provoked.

If you use a dial-in access, it is usually quite simple. You will receive at a different IP address, when you dial-in the next time. If necessary, select just select an alternative provider (keyword: call-by-call).

If you use a DSL access, particularly in conjunction with a flat rate, it is more difficult. The IP address is more stable and does not change continuously. Often you will receive a new one after the forced separation by the provider.

Alternatively, you can try to disconnect the router temporarily from the Internet. There are usually a feature in the user interface of the device. When re-connection, the provider can assign a new address.

Another possibility is to „release“ the configuring of the connection, and hope to get a new address with the re-configuration.

On Windows you can view and change your network configuration using ipconfig.

  • ipconfig / all
    displays configuration
  • ipconfig / release *Con*
    release of the compounds, that contain „Con“, IPv4
  • ipconfig / release6 *Con*
    release of the compounds, that contain „Con“, IPv6
  • ipconfig / renew Con*
    rebuild of the connections that begin with „Con“, IPv4
  • ipconfig / renew6 Con*
    rebuild of the connections that begin with „Con“, IPv6


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